Acerca del proyecto Solar CV:


SOLAR CV: SSA to cover skill needs through delivery and recognition of EU joint CV in Concentrated Solar Power


While VET system has already been fully developed in some eco-efficient technologies, such as wind or photovoltaic, the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) is an emerging technology where “Solar Field” operation present deep skill gaps of VET tools.


Spain is the first European country in installed CSP power, with a fully developed labour market, while Italy and Greece, starting plants construction in 2014, will be requiring solar-field operators in 2 years coming and they have neither formal nor in-formal training at this moment.


A Sector Skill Alliance has been established among the key representative of the CSP sector of each country, in order to cover the coming labour market needs. The alliance includes energy VET experts, national sectorial associations, energy agencies, Government representatives in the field of qualification, and 2 EU umbrella institutions.


SOLAR CV objectives are:

  • To increase the response of VET systems by anticipating the CSP labour demand
  • To integrate work-based learning (WBL) in the design of CSP VET.
  • To increase mobility of EU CSP learners, by the recognition of learning outcomes and by achieving qualifications


Three main project results can be underlined as objective-achievers:

  • The definition of EU CSP CV for solar-field operators
  • The creation of a ICT e-learning platform (e-simulator) for formal training following EU CV structure
  • The delivery of a methodology for recognition of learning outcomes.
  • The promotion of a National Qualification for CSP Plant Operator in each country.
  • The creation of a EU recognition for CSP Plant Operators


SOLAR CV tools are designed considering ECVET and EQAVET European references, so the resulting products ensure a better understanding and comparability of qualifications across countries.