Date(s) - 27/01/22
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


The stability of electric power grids under conditions of high penetrations of wind and solar is a significant concern and possible impediment to reaching renewable energy goals. Several grid‐related concerns emerge, including overgeneration, fluctuations in power, lack of predictability, and steep ramp rates.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) with thermal storage acts as a catalyst, allowing increased solar energy and wind power to be connected to the grid without the CO2 emissions associated with “peakers”. As a synchronous, steam‐cycle resource, it can provide regulation services that “shore up” intermittent generation resources, while contributing to decarbonize energy.

In this webinar, we analyze how CSP with storage can enhance grid performance and reliability; allowing a higher penetration on PV and Wind assets in the grid:

  • Understand the benefits of frequency response from CSP during sunset, especially during the neck of the Duck Curve.
  • Lear how primary frequency response from CSP helps to meet response obligation and can substitute for fast frequency response from PV or batteries.
  • Find out about the bankability of these projects in the short to medium term and how ultimately, they can help add more renewables in the grid