Date(s) - 22/10/20 - 23/10/20
12:00 am


10th Annual CSP Focus China 2020 was postponed to Oct 22-23 in Beijing China, around 30 speakers and 200 participants will attend this grand gathering. And real-time online conference will be available to those registered delegates who are not able to join due to travel constraint.

This conference will highlight:

  • Performance analysis of operating CSP plants in China – 8 plants, 500MW in total;
  • How to restart the rest of pilot CSP projects, accumulating capacity of 900MW;
  • Future role of CSP and the REs development strategy in China;
  • CSP projects planning and status quo in other areas – Spain, Chile, Kuwait, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Namibia, etc;
  • CSP PLUS – the hybridization with PV&Wind, Industrial Process Heat and upgrade of existing CSP w/o TES;

Email: csp@cspfocus.cn