Recently, China National Energy Administration issued the Notice of the Comprehensive Department of the National Energy Administration on Matters Related to Promoting the Large-scale Development of Solar Thermal Power. The key information are as follows:

First, fully understand the significance of large-scale development of solar thermal power. The industrial chain of solar thermal power is long, and the large-scale development and utilization of solar thermal power will become a new growth point of our country’s new energy industry.

Second, actively carry out research on large-scale development of solar thermal power. The competent energy departments of Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang and other key provinces of solar thermal power should actively promote the planning and construction of solar thermal power projects, timely adjust relevant plans or relevant base implementation plans according to research results, coordinate the layout of photovoltaic and solar thermal planning, rationally arrange or reserve solar thermal sites. In the construction of new energy base in the province, we will simultaneously promote the large-scale and industrialized development of solar thermal power projects, and strive to increase the annual construction scale of solar power generation to about 3 GW during the «14th Five-Year Plan» period.

Third, in combination with the construction of new energy bases in desert, gobi and desert areas, a number of solar thermal power projects will be launched as soon as possible. The solar thermal power project proposed in the implementation plan of desert, gobi and desert areas big scenery base has been submitted, and relevant provincial and regional energy authorities should organize the feasibility study of the project as soon as possible. The project will be started synchronously with the wind and photovoltaic projects in the base (the scale of solar thermal power is temporarily allocated according to 800,000 kW in Inner Mongolia, 700,000 kW in Gansu, 1GW in Qinghai, 100,000 kW in Ningxia and 200,000 kW in Xinjiang).

Fourth, improve the technical level of solar thermal power projects. Optimize the scale of a single solar thermal power station and the configuration of mirror storage. In principle, the mirror field area of a 100,000-kilowatt power station should not be less than 800,000 square meters. The power grid company is requested to give priority support to the grid connection and dispatching of the base projects equipped with solar thermal power. We will encourage provinces and regions where conditions permit to formulate and issue supporting policies such as fiscal, price and land support for the large-scale development of solar thermal power as soon as possible, plan in advance for solar thermal power bases of 1 GW or 10 GW scale, and take the lead in building solar thermal industrial clusters.

Fuente: CSP Plaza