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Thermochemical energy storage to deliver Gen3 solar months later

Typically, simplicity equals low costs. But the creators of a multi-technology thermochemical energy storage system for Gen3 concentrating solar power (CSP) claim that their complex design would bring costs down by enabling the delivery of solar energy not just within a day or two like today, but whenever needed, weeks and months later. This dual [...]

2023-06-05T17:00:18+02:005, junio, 2023|

Heliostat Consortium Unveils Funding Awards to Facilitate Affordable and Accessible Heliostat Deployment

The Heliostat Consortium, led by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories, has announced seven awardees from a request for proposals aimed at reducing the cost of heliostats and creating new market opportunities for the industry. Heliostats are mirrors that track the sun to reflect concentrated sunlight to a receiver, where it can [...]

2023-06-05T16:51:36+02:005, junio, 2023|

“I really hope that these innovations help to increase the relevance of the CSP technology, so much required as the most dispatchable renewable technology”

Today we interview Cristina Prieto, associate professor at the University of Seville, Spain. She has been R&D manager at Abengoa, where she has been dedicated to the development of thermal energy storage solutions for solar thermal applications. She has led more than 20 international R&D projects related to thermal storage, with more than 50 papers [...]

2023-06-05T16:42:16+02:005, junio, 2023|

Extra efficiency for Concentrated Solar Power plants via molten salt

The most important sources of renewable energy, the sun and the wind, are infinitely available – but they do depend on meteorological conditions, the time of day and the time of year. In the future, storage methods that smooth out these fluctuations will therefore play a decisive role in round-the-clock, dependable and efficient supply [...]

2023-06-07T12:56:37+02:005, junio, 2023|

El proyecto ‘Orishi’ de Magtel promueve un sistema de ahorro de agua para cualquier industria que disponga de torres de refrigeración

Se trata de una técnica totalmente escalable, flexible y adaptable a cualquier sector, pese a que el primer estudio estaba enfocado a plantas termosolares Actualmente, la División Energía de Magtel, en colaboración con la compañía RPOW, trabaja en el proyecto novedoso “Orishi” cuyo objetivo es la reducción de agua para todas aquellas industrias que dispongan de torres de evaporación. Aunque en [...]

2023-05-31T11:29:07+02:0030, mayo, 2023|

Cada MW termosolar puede reemplazar cada MW de gas y lograr la descarbonización del sector eléctrico

Madrid, 23 de mayo de 2023.- Cada MW termosolar puede reemplazar cada MW de gas y lograr una transición total del sector eléctrico, lo que implicaría la sustitución de las centrales actuales de gas, tal y como se desprende del estudio realizado por Protermosolar en colaboración con la Universidad Pontificia Comillas, que analiza los aspectos [...]

2023-05-23T17:10:48+02:0023, mayo, 2023|

Vast Solar: A Concentrated Solar Power Breakthrough for Utilities of the Future

IEA forecasts deployment of up to 430GW of new Concentrated Solar Power capacity globally by 2050 for on-grid applications alone. Vast Solar going public via a merger with Nabors Energy Transition Corp. (NYSE: NETC). NETC is the only SPAC focused on energy transition with a major corporate backer. Vast Solar uses a next-generation technology [...]

2023-05-22T12:32:34+02:0022, mayo, 2023|

Concentrated solar reactor generates unprecedented amounts of hydrogen

A new solar-radiation-concentrating device produces “green” hydrogen at a rate of more than 2 kilowatts while maintaining efficiencies above 20%. The pilot-scale device, which is already operational under real sunlight conditions, also produces usable heat and oxygen, and its developers at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland say it could be [...]

2023-05-29T12:33:10+02:0022, mayo, 2023|

Heat-recovery for a solar reactor is tested at ETH Zürich

Why heat-recovery for solar reactors matters In this solar technology, highly concentrated solar energy directly heats a solar reactor and drives a thermochemical process, using carbon dioxide and water as the raw materials to produce syngas, a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. The syngas can be converted to liquid transportation fuels using established [...]

2023-05-30T12:49:52+02:0017, mayo, 2023|

The daily output of China Power Construction Gonghe 50MW tower concentrated solar power plant hit a record high in a single month

Recently, the latest statistics of Gonghe 50 MW concentrated solar power plant, Qinghai Branch of China Power Construction New Energy Group, show that the cumulative power generation of the power station in April 2023 has completed 6,909 thousand KWH, which is the highest monthly power generation record ever since the unit was put into [...]

2023-05-17T11:14:50+02:0017, mayo, 2023|
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